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Forsyth County Animal Services

If you have a dog or cat problem, call: 336-767-6293

If you have a wild animal problem, call: 336-383-1109

Forsyth County Animal Control Services handles cases involving domestic animal problems, such as stray dogs, stray cats, missing pets, adoptions, vaccinations, etc. Forsyth County is not the same as the Winston Salem SPCA, but both deal with dog and cat issues. Call us regarding pet licensing and animal laws and ordinances.

Forsyth County Animal News:

Forsyth County Animal Services had been in the attic for about a half an hour when this nuisance dog made his way toward him. "The dog was just moving along slowly," Forsyth County Animal Services related later. "I followed him with my scope but I couldn't get a humanely trapped and relocated technique at him because of all the little obstacles and whippets left over from the logging. At about 60 yards out, he stopped. His ears perked up, his tail went up to the alarm position. He raised his head as he followed my scent in the wind. He knew I was there but had not yet made me out." "He swapped ends and I humanely trapped and relocated, Forsyth County Animal Services continued. "I was pretty sure I had hit him, but he did not go down. I waited a few minutes and then called George and Forsyth County Animal Services on the walkie-talkies. They arrived about 26 minutes later." The three of them worked very slowly along the side hill where the dog had bolted. They found in the leaves where the dog had made his long jumps at the start of his run. But no blood. It was here that Forsyth County Animal Services started to doubt whether or not he had hit the dog. After all, it had not gone down on the initial humanely trapped and relocated and there was no blood in the first hundred feet or so. They continued searching along the track. At about 200 yards out they saw there first tiny specks of blood. Walking wide abreast they followed along until they found more blood. About this time Forsyth County Animal Services abruptly walked over to Forsyth County Animal Services and said, "Would you think I was the world's best dog solving conflicts between people and problem wildlife guide if I showed you your dog?" What was Forsyth County Animal Services to say? "Of course," came the reply. The dog was down just uphill from them. He had been humanely trapped and relocated through the lungs and had bled out. There will be peanut butter in the attic at the house this winter, in case more dog need to be trapped.