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How to Get Opossums out from inside a Wall

Opossums are very likely to get into the walls of your home, as they are one of the wildlife creatures that seem to enjoy living inside tight spaces. Having opossums in your home’s walls is not only irritating due to the scratching sounds that you might hear, but it also presents a high risk of biohazard. Once there, it is possible for opossums to get stuck down the wall and die in there, which would lead to them rotting and stinking. Even if they don’t, it can also be risky, as they might chew on wires, causing real troubles to you and your home. So what can you do if you have opossums inside a wall?

Try to Lure It out
If you hear scratches inside your walls, it is very possible that opossums are there. The first thing you need to do is ensure that they are really opossums, and no other wildlife, such as rats, for example. The problem is that there are no proven repellents that work against opossums, so you will need to deal this issue by other means. The first thing that you should try is to use baits to lure them out of your walls. Some of the best choices for this include carrots, apples, or other fruits or vegetables that you have. You can use the bait together with an appropriate trap; so that once the animals get out of the wall, they enter the trap and then you can remove them.

When Nothing Works Out, Make a Hole
If trapping doesn’t work with the opossums that invaded your walls, then it is time to find out where they are hiding and carefully make a hole in the wall. Once you find the opossums inside the walls, carefully get them out of there and then repair the walls. You need to carefully handle and always use thick gloves when you perform such an action. Although it is not recommended to try to remove opossums with your bare hands, in case you have no other options, be careful of how you catch and handle it.

Hire Wildlife Removal Company
Although you can get opossums out from a wall on your own, it is probably a better idea to contact a wildlife removal company to help you with this issue. A professional wildlife removal expert has the necessary tools and also knowledge about the rules and regulations that apply to opossums in your area.

Final Note
Once you have removed the opossums from your walls, and only when you are really sure there are no other opossums left inside the walls, you must securely seal the entrance that they used to get there in order to prevent other opossums from getting in there. For more info about us, click on: Winston Salem Wildlife Removal